The 5 Star Risk Management Program builds the foundation for success. It’s not just another safety program it’s a transformation of how you do business. It gives the managers and leaders of your company the tools they need to build a positive culture of safety and health. The program takes 3-5 years and is designed to get all employees actively involved in the safety process.

  • Designed Specifically for Proactive Risk Management
  • Builds a Safety and Health Culture
  • Controls Workers Compensation Costs
  • Increases Employee Involvement
  • A History of Results


The program has a 3-5 year timeline broken into milestone goals and smaller monthly goals, including regular Safety Committee meetings, hazard recognition from various departments, employee-led safety meetings. The initial training is a two hour interactive presentation with in-depth questions and quizzes to test for comprehension and application of the material.


Each participant receives a workbook which is designed to be a ready reference guide to effectively manage risks associated with the workplace. A risk management worksheet is completed by each participant after the initial presentation to ensure understanding of the important principles which are taught. When the completed worksheet is returned, participants are awarded a certificate of completion suitable for framing.


The 5 Star Program was originally developed in 1982 for the staff of the Sheraton Plaza Hotel in Palm Springs, California. It has been updated many times over the years to accommodate the dynamic nature of workplace hazards. We continually look for feedback of the participants to keep the material both relevant and engaging.


The Program has a proven track record. Participants who have committed to applying the 5 Star Risk Management Program report a dramatic increase in safety awareness, decrease in workers compensation costs, increase in employee involvement in the workplace safety and health programs, and an overall increase of positive recognition of employees.

The 5 Star Risk Management Program has been especially effective for our skilled nursing facility clients. Over 50% of those facilities that use the 5 Star Risk Management Program have gone over 365 days without a loss day injury. In 2010 the National Skilled Nursing loss time injury ratio for 100 FTEs was 5.6; the average for our group was 2.08, which improved in in 2011 to 1.69!