Training with GBB digital topics.Digital Safety Topics

We are always creating new safety content for our clients to share at work. Many of them use these these topics for monthly or quarterly safety training meetings. Each safety topic includes a PowerPoint presentation and quiz that you can present to your workers. Additionally, we include a poster which can be printed and hung in the break room. Our goal with these services is to use the internet and smart phones to help build safety cultures for everyone. Making these topics digital allows us to cut overhead and share these services with businesses who typically don’t have access to such resources.

Recent monthly topics have included:

  • GHS training
  • Heat Illness Prevention
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Safe Lifting
  • Materials Handling
  • Robbery Prevention
Digital Safety Coach

Alongside the digital safety topics, we also have a safety coach service where clients can email us with safety questions that may be outside their scope of expertise. Our goal is to have an answer within 24 hours, though we do sometimes get a question out of left field that requires a little extra research on our part. (Do you know if your OSHA 300A needs to be amended if you receive a post-termination claim with medical diagnosis? Answer: yes, that’s part of the reason the 5-year window exists.) This has been especially beneficial to some of our smaller clients who don’t have the ability to follow changing laws and requirements on a daily basis.