When we started GBB Risk Management Services in 2010 we began with the goal to improve the risk management landscape around us. GBB stands for Good Better Best, and represents the progression that we can and should achieve with our efforts. The problem is that safety, like most everything else, is a learned skill. And while all companies can be good companies, we believe that with the proper tools and commitment, any company canĀ improve to become a safety leader.


We provide a framework of tools and skills to help improve the safety culture of your company. We have several training programs and services to get companies started on the path to improved results with significant milestone goals along the way to measure your success. For larger companies, we typically provide onsite training and assessments through our 5 Star Program, a multi-year program that focuses on creating, implementing and developing a Culture of Safety. We also offer online programs for smaller facilities with non-centralized locations. For more info on the GBB Philosophy, follow us here.