Calvin CallawayThe numbers do not lie with the GBB Risk Management program we witnessed a decrease of our MOD rate from above 140 to below 80.  We pay half of what we use to pay and have the tools to keep it that way.

– Calvin Callaway, Folsom Care Center


Cheryl JumonvilleIf you would have told me our facility would go 968 days without a workers’ comp claim in this industry I would have laughed. Never underestimate the power of the GBB Risk Management program!

– Cheryl Jumonville, Vista Pacifica and Community Care on Palm


I have been so impressed with GBB Risk Management Services. It has provided a philosophy and a tool box of such tremendous value to our organization. We have seen a complete turnaround in our safety awareness and have had minimal claims since we started the 5 Star Risk Management program. I recommend it highly to any organization that needs to jumpstart their safety program and maintain it in high gear. Over the last few years, we have seen our MOD rate drop from 181 to 67, gone 701 days without a loss day injury and 517 days without an injury.

– Richard Evatz, Executive Director Canyon Manor

Velda PierceWow! What a difference the GBB Risk Management program makes. I knew we had it in us but to go 365 days without a claim. The value of that accomplishment for the staff cannot be measured.

– Velda Pierce, San Miguel Villa


I don’t know how you did it but I am receiving lots of positive feedback from staff that attended the GBB Risk Management safety training. They said it was a good training that moved along quickly and left them thinking about improving safety and becoming more involved with safety policy in the company. We have gone 365 days without a loss day injury now that tells the story.

– Robert Irvine, Executive Director California Vocations